Real Emotion Surrounds Me

Now I'm Getting Dizzy Spells

31 March

this is a graphic journal for going_x_crazy. its a place for me to post my icons, colorbars 'is love' bars, friends only banners, layouts, mood themes, etc. i pretty much update whenever i've made enough graphics for a decent post. i make what i like and i make what i don't like. pretty much, as long as i don't completely hate it, i'll make it. so suggestions are loved & encouraged.

x. always credit me, and as going_x_crazy please
o. comment to let me know what you are taking
x. be polite
o. i am now taking requests
x. you don't have to, but it would be nice to have a link back in your info :)
o. i doubt i need to, but i'll say it anyway; keep content clean & no drama

January 19, 2oo6
· suggestions are always welcome, and can be made here
· want to see how i make my graphics? i'd be happy to make a tutorial
· i've started taking requests. go here and keep a look-out for freebies
· awards page updated again

examples can be found here

xoxgraphics_ very_icons _bubbledtea x3banners boa_contest

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